Nested Year Timelines (NYT)

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Nested Year Timelines (NYT) is a hierarchical timeline visualization. It supports exploring large sets of news articles from The New York Times, based on a search query. Hover on or click a bar below to start exploring.

Want to see a different set of articles? Check out the list of cached article searches on the left.

Created by Michael Beswetherick and Joe Kohlmann as a final project for CSE 512: Data Visualization (Winter 2014) at the University of Washington.

The code is available on GitHub, by the way.

You'll notice that articles have scrollable lists of keywords on their bottom edges. Click on a keyword to start a new article search!

Note: Some search results are cached (again, see the menu on the left), while others may take some time to load from the NYT Article Search API. Please be patient.

Advanced users: use any search query value that works with the API's fq parameter (take a look at the address bar for a hint).

Data provided by the New York Times.